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Folio Gental Wind

Each location I paint is a very special place to me. Lake Michigan and the surrounding landscapes have a very positive and powerful energy for me. I observe and am curious about the natural landscape and all it’s magnificence. The Creators hand is evident everywhere in nature. From the splendor of a bud of a new leaf to the fallen tree in a forest arranged with such beauty.

In my latest work I combine my strong interest in nature, watercolor painting, handmade textured papers and found objects of the landscape. Integrating spiritual messages from our spiritual teachers that resonate with me.

I hope that this work will engage the viewer to reflect on the world in a slightly different way.

Bob Andrus

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Folio new day..

Folio Peacefull..

School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois
BFA, Layton School of Art & Design,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin