Andrus Design


Client: K40 Electronics
Radar and Laser Detection system.
Agency Partner: Inverse Marketing

Target: Consumer high-end car buyers – buying from auto dealers and installers of radar and laser detectors. The most advanced radar detection and laser protection system available today, completely customized for your automobile and the way you drive.

Re-brand company, reintroducing the K40 line of Radar and Laser Detection Systems to the market.

Client: Lafeber Company

Target: Tropical bird owners and pet store owners.

Message/Positioning: For Nutri-Berries – created a line of five different-flavored tropical bird food packages, including eye-catching graphics in six colors on plastic.

For Jungle-Joy – create a line of eight different tripical bird toys to be sold in pet stores. Received an award for Best New Bird Product from APPMA (American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.)

T19294.01 BirdBlocks

Wrecker package out line 2

Client: The Wrecker by Fulton

Target: Consumers and Hardware buyers/owners.
Designed and produced an all-in-one shipping carton and store display. Bold graphics have great eye appeal to consumers on hardware store shelves.