Andrus Design


Client: Liberty Bank, with five branches in Chicagoland.

Agency Partner: Inverse Marketing

Target: Attract new customers to Liberty Bank while appealing to existing bank customers.

Brand Refresh: Strengthen Liberty Bank’s brand image by engaging bank customers and prospects with informative and educational communications.

Support the bank image of “Safe, Solid, Secure” through distinctive visuals and involving content – while emphasizing the strength of Liberty’s effective branch network with personalized messages in the branches and the communities.

Web Site Design look and feel
On Line Ads
eBlast Ads,
Consumer Ads
Direct Mail
Statement Suffers
Web Banners,
Mobile Icons & Colors.
In Bank Signage
Counter Cards
Teller Mats
Screen savers
Corporate Identity
Statements of Condition

Art Direction/Graphic Design
Final Production
Photo Retouching

Web-Insight Bev-3

Client: Insight Beverages.
Agency Partner: Foodmix

Target: Restaurant and foodservice owners/operators. This campaign stirs up new excitement for the explosion of beverage choices driven by consumers. Insight Beverages brings greater flavor formats and flexibility to transform operations into a beverage destination.

Operator Sales Brochure with six powerful inserts to introduce the new program.

Web site for Insight Beverages and to introduce “Create a stir.”

Direct Mail campaign to restaurant owners/operators utilizing the Insight Beverages Logo as a spinning pin wheel.

Tie-in graphic for front of dispensers.
Promotional cups carrying the theme.

Sales Brochure
Sales Sheets
Web Design
Web Navigation
Flash opening
Photo shot supervision
Photo retouching

Web-K40 total-2

Client: K40 Electronics
Radar and Laser Detection System.
Agency Partner: Inverse Marketing

Target: Consumer high-end car buyers – buying from auto dealers and installers of radar and laser detectors. The most advanced radar detection and laser protection system available today, completely customized for your automobile and the way you drive.

Re-brand company, reintroducing the K40 line of Radar and Laser Detection systems to the market.

Web Site Design
Consumer Sales Brochure
Final Production
Photo Retouching
Package Design
Corporate Identity

Crunch This-Concept Page 2

Client: The Quaker Oats Company.

Target: university and college students/food service operators on campus. This promotion is designed to motivate all the college students who love Cap’n Crunch to taste the fun, with crunchy combinations. The overall message is: there are no rules -- anything goes, any time.

Giant-size “Crunch This!” Posters for university and college cafeterias/union centers.

Direct mail to university and college food service operators on campus.

“Crunch This!” Recipes – featuring Marshmallow Crunch Bars, and Cap’n Crunch cookies.

“Crunch This!” Cup. Reusable 22-ounce cup with bold graphics to reinforce the program all over campus. The cup complements the All-Day-Cereal Stations with bulk dispensers of Quaker cereals.

Poster Design
Direct Mail
Sales Brochures
Sales Promotions

EMEX-website_page- total-2

Client: EMEX
Energy Market Exchange
Agency Partner: Creative-on-Call

Communication Objectives: To establish an image of EMEX as the leader in reverse auctions and that EMEX is the simplest way to get your absolute lowest price on energy – without an RFP, and without settling for a co-op.

Target: Inform decision-makers at municipal entities, mayors, purchasing agents, staff engineers, town or entity boards.

Re-branding of company:
New Corporate Logo,
I.D. Package,
Ad Campaign of Six Ads
Eight Page Brochure.